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Brett Stevens



Brett Stevens writes on the topics of nihilism, deep ecology, nationalism and anti-work. He opposes diversity in all of its forms, including racism and anti-Semitism, and favors a society ruled by aristocrats, organized around hierarchy, oriented toward transcendental and realistic purpose, and ruled by culture which requires extreme nationalism. He has been published at American Renaissance, AltRight, Alternative Right, Return Of Kings, Nihil and the blog where he serves as editor, Amerika.org. His first book, Nihilism, was published via Numen Books in 2016.


I am not an intellectual. I am a feral, atavistic beast that communicates through philosophy. In my experience, most human effort is dedicated to finding scapegoats so that we do not realize that our individualism makes us desire to be more important than results-based realism. That pathology, called hubris by the ancients, is our actual enemy, and it takes many forms including the version of collectivism individualism known as Crowdism of which Leftism and Consumerism are variants. The solution to it is transcendental purpose and elitism, so that the stupid, callow, oblivious, solipsistic and dramatic are beaten down and the thoughtful, brave and intuitive rise above.